GAME Australia unaffected so far by UK OpCapita bid

Leigh Harris
GAME Australia unaffected so far by UK OpCapita bid

The sale of GAME UK to OpCapita group is not something which will affect the company in the Australian franchise.

The GAME UK franchise has been undergoing significant strife lately, with the chain looking to sell off in order to remain afloat.

Recently, MCV Pacific reported that GAME Australia, being a separate entity also happening to be owned by the same investor group which owns GAME UK (The Game Group, PLC), was immune to the fate of the UK franchise while it pursued its own investors locally to continue trading.

In the same vein, the recent news that GAME UK has been purchased by OpCapita and has instigated a new CEO does not effect the Australian operation, as confirmed by MCV Pacific sources.

GAME Australia continues to search for funding as reported previously.

MCV Pacific will report on the news as soon as the fate of GAME Australia is known.


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