Freeplay Awards honour local developers

Leigh Harris
Freeplay Awards honour local developers

The Freeplay Awards closed off the festival on the weekend with an Awards night dedicated to the best in local game development.

Games were submitted by indie and independent (there is a difference) developers from all over the country as well as internationally.

A full list of all winners and runners-up can be found over on the Freeplay web site, but the winners of the night were:

  • Best Technical Innovation: Automation: Car Company Tycoon, by CamShaft Software
  • Best Audio: Lunar Flight, by Sean Edwards
  • Best Concept Art: Peleda, by Vishus Productions and Fiasco Studios
  • Best In-Game Art: Toybox, by Barrel of Donkeys
  • Best Writing: Flatland: Fallen Angle, by See Through Studios
  • Best Design: They Love You, by Zac Duff, Henrik Pettersson, Paul Annesley, and Nathan Antony
  • Best International Game: Splice, by Cipher Prime
  • Best Australian Game: Stickets, by Wanderland


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