First Australian reviews of XCOM: Enemy Unknown approve

James Cullinane
First Australian reviews of XCOM: Enemy Unknown approve

With the global review embargo now passed, the first Australian reviews of XCOM: Enemy Unknown have appeared online.

PC Powerplay and Atomic are the first cabs off the rank, and both have declared the game, published by 2K and developed by Firaxis, a successful re-imagining of a classic.

Atomic's John Gillooly heaps praise on XCOM: Enemy Unknown in his 97/100 review, saying, "Firaxis has delivered spectacularly," and adding, "Not only does the strategic game capture the feeling of being Earth’s last line of defense against a superior enemy, but the turn based combat is both surprisingly nuanced and deeply tactical."

Daniel Hindes is also very positive on XCOM: Enemy Unknown, scoring the game 8/10 in PC Powerplay, and, while noting that "key simplifications" mean "Firaxis’ remake loses much of that sense of strategic scope", nonetheless declares it, "one of the most accomplished modern tactical experiences out there."

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on Friday.


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