Final guidelines for federal games fund released

Leigh Harris
Final guidelines for federal games fund released

Screen Australia has sent through the final guidelines for its AUD$20 million fund for game development in Australia.

Screen Australia’s Chief Executive, Ruth Harley, said, “We were impressed by the number, scope and quality of the submissions received from industry organisations, as well as games studios and individuals."

"We were also pleased with the level of engagement across all our other consultation channels, including online platforms and face-to-face meetings. We’ve amended the draft guidelines in several areas as a result.”

The funding has been split primarily into two categories for games: enterprise and production. The former is designed to support sustainable business practises by existing companies, the latter for individual productions of specific titles (more suited to fledgling indie studios).

Further information on Screen Australia's response to the feedback can be found here. The deadline for the enterprise funding is 22nd April, and for production it's 12th July.


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