FIFA Interactive World Cup finals to be held in Dubai

Leigh Harris
FIFA Interactive World Cup finals to be held in Dubai

Dubai has been selected (over London) as the location for this year's finals for the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

These finals will mark the eighth in the FIWC legacy, last year's being in Los Angeles and this year taking our Australian Brazilian finalist to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel (pictured) in Dubai, which is looking like something out of Anno 2070.

The Australian finals were held at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney's Darling Harbour, seeing Brazillian backpacker Samuel Lage Liberato beat out all Australian native competition to take the title, in spite of only having been in the country for a few months, and without his Playstation.

Liberato will be flown to the illustrious Dubai hotel from 21st-23rd May, pitting himself against 23 other competitors from around the globe in Australia's honour.

This year marked the first year the FIWC reached over 1 million entrants, and has only grown year-on-year.


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