FIFA Interactive World Cup finals see a Brazilian take the title

Leigh Harris
FIFA Interactive World Cup finals see a Brazilian take the title

Last night, EA and SCE Australia presented the FIFA Interactive World Cup finals at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

The event was a massive step up from last year's finals, which were held at an RSL in Castle Hill. This year made a grand display of Sydney harbour, giving all qualifying winners a chance to live it up in style as they competed for the title of national champion.

In the end, Brazillian Samuel Lage Liberato took the title, having been all but unopposed in the tournament so far. A backpacker who has only been in Australia for a few months (without his Playstation to practise on), Samuel contacted Sony after hearing about the tournament when he found out that all the Sydney registrations had already been filled. He scored one of the last spots in Newcastle, took the two hour trip up to compete, cleaned the competition out then did the same again here in Sydney last night.

This event easily marks the largest in the FIWC saga thus far. With this year seeing over 1 million registrations, the scale of the event is only getting larger each year.

Hyundai came to the table, sponsoring and having giant car-shaped sumo suits for people to play soccer in, professional street footballer D10 was on hand to give demonstrations of technical skill with a soccer ball, and a celebrity FIFA 12 tournament was held with David Basheer (SBS) and Jeremy Ray (5 Inch Floppy) MCing.

In true South American style, Samuel's supporters lifted him from the ground and cheered after the final minutes of the 3-2 winning match drew to a close.

He has previously competed in the global finals 5 times before now.


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