Ex-PALGN writers launch Rocket Chainsaw

Leigh Harris
Ex-PALGN writers launch Rocket Chainsaw

After the walkout of editorial staff over at PALGN, half a dozen of those who left have formed a new community web site.

Known as Rocket Chainsaw, the former PALGN team members are hoping to reignite the community they've left behind and create a new portal for Aussie gamers.

Adam Ghiggino, former PALGN editor and now owner of Rocket Chainsaw, told MCV: "We're aiming for a professional style, yet something not too stuffy. I think readers appreciate well-written content, but if we have a strong opinion about something, we're not afraid to share it."

"That said, we're not going to descend into ranting and raving ad-infinitum, but we are going to deliver our thoughts concisely and (hopefully) entertainingly, and discuss them as an active part of the community."

"Obviously, gaming sites are a dime a dollar on the internet, but I think readers are drawn to sites with opinions and features they enjoy and feel they can trust, and forums that are bustling with activity, both of which I feel we provide. Ideally, we'd like to grow Rocket Chainsaw into a trusted and popular destination for the Australian gaming community."

The rise of social media has helped most companies to identify the value in smaller social networks, to the extent that companies like EA place significant value on engaging actively with their own online communities, and continue to cater to even the smallest of Australian videogame blogs.

As audiences continue to fragment, sites such as Rocket Chainsaw remain an internally trustworthy source of known friends with similar interests, and it behooves publishers to continue to show their support for each community-based site in the long run.

Ghiggino continued: "I believe our biggest asset is our community, and they're really the reason that all of us are writing about games at all. We want to provide news, reviews and features that they can trust and rely on, as well as discuss with each other using our forums (which have already seen a fair bit of activity)."

Rocket Chainsaw first launched in beta on 23rd February, and is live now.


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Congrats Adam & team. Rocket Chainsaw looks like a worthy successors to the glory days of PALGN :)

James Peter

James Peter INDUSTRY
Mar 2nd 2012 at 11:06AM

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