Ex-EA Visceral devs announce triple A iOS title

Leigh Harris
Ex-EA Visceral devs announce triple A iOS title

PlaySide Studios, a Melbourne-based developer comprised of former EA Visceral staff, has today unveiled its first title Catch the Ark.

The game is being pushed as a high-quality, big-budget experience, not too dissimilar from the effort by Canberra-based Uppercut Games, Epoch, which similarly aimed not to compomise in quality when broaching smartphones and tablets.

Catch the Ark is an endless runner which takes place across water and will include multiplayer modes and social functinoality.

EA Visceral was one of the larger studios which shut down in recent years, and the shift to PlaySide Studios is part of a larger trend being seen throughout Australian development presently.

Catch the Ark is due out in Q3 this year for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


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