Ex EA CEO John Riccitiello sounds off on next gen challenges

Leigh Harris
Ex EA CEO John Riccitiello sounds off on next gen challenges

The next Xbox and Playstation 4 have many hurdles to face, and newly resigned EA CEO Riccitiello now has the freedom to opine wildly.

He's written an article on Kotaku reminding Sony and Microsoft that their next consoles have a large market to answer to, a huge opportunity in front of them, and, yes, the potential to waste it all.

Riccitiello refutes the notion that console gaming is dead or dying, instead suggesting that the market is flat simply because that same enthusiasm which drove the beginning of this console generation has been given 8 full years to die down.

Mobile and tablet gaming has and continues to surge, he argues, but that lone dominant force in the main entertainment room of any given household still continues to be the home consoles, and if the manufacturers play their cards right, they can own it for another generation.

What they need to do, he suggests, is not forget that the people who kick the hyper into gear are not those commentators comparing Snoy and Microsoft to Apple and Samsung looking for the latest in integration and functionality, but are gamers - hordes of them, desperately hungry for the next big thing.

We'll have a much clearer view of what the next 8 years in home console gaming will look like after the last major player steps up to the plate tomorrow, when Microsoft reveals its next generation Xbox in Redmond.


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