EU horse meat scandal gets its own videogame

Leigh Harris
EU horse meat scandal gets its own videogame

An untapped benefit of indie gaming has just made itself a little more known, with rapid development allowing for topical games.

One such game is Cow Crusher, wherein you're in control of the levers in an abbatoir and must push the right button when a cow or horse comes up so they either do or do not go into a burger.

It's been made available within only a couple of weeks of the horse meat scandal coming out which rocked the European beef trade, when consumers found out that a substantial portion of the meat they were eating in fact came from horse.

By parodying the difficulty of differentiating between horse and cow, Cow Crusher is a game which uses absurdity to satirise and contemporary and topical issue, something games could stand to do a little more of.

The game's name appears to pay homage to Ian Bogost's parody of Farmville (and its kin), Cow Clicker, which was a similar exercise in futility to prove a point.


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