Elder Scrolls stock removal just part of "normal stock recall"

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Elder Scrolls stock removal just part of

Early reports speculating The Elder Scrolls online moving to a free-to-play model have been refuted.

An article on Kotaku this morning reported that EB Games were removing all copies of Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls Online from shelves including pre-paid cards.

The article claimed that, "We’ve just learned [that] a directive, sent to all EB Games stores, has asked that all copies of Elder Scrolls Online — including the pre-paid cards — are to be sent back to the publisher."

Adding, "A source at EB Games confirmed that everything related to the game would be removed by January 13."

The article then speculated that a move to free-to-play may be on the cards.

Kotaku were unable confirm the rumours with Bethesda, with minimal staff currently in the office due to summer holidays.

Since the orriginal article went online, an EB Games spokesperson has confirmed the following with MCV Pacific.

"This is just part of a normal stock recall. Post-Christmas we ask stores to send back anything that they may have too much of in store. This time we included many titles, including The Evil Within, Destiny and The Elder Scrolls Online."

We will continue to follow any future developments and will update any direct reposnses from Zenimax Australia.





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