EB: We'll be sold out of Wii U Premium by Monday

Leigh Harris
EB: We'll be sold out of Wii U Premium by Monday

At the Wii U launch last night, customers were amped to be getting their hands on Nintendo's first ever HD home console.

Sporting asymmetrical gameplay across two screens, the new console has a great many people excited, but can lightning strike twice?

EB Games certainly thinks so, at least during the launch window.

Deb McGrath, National Brand, Events and Marketing Manager for EB, told MCV on the night that they expect to have moved through all their allocation of the Wii U Premium Pack (the black edition with all the extra goodies) by as early as Monday.

It's only a prediction at this stage, and the Basic Pack is still a bit of a wild card, but signs are good that this will steal a lot of Christmas dollars.


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