EB nabs cool BioShock Infinite special edition as an exclusive

Leigh Harris
EB nabs cool BioShock Infinite special edition as an exclusive

Big Daddys were killer little figurines in 2007, and if Songbird is anywhere near as iconic and memorable, this special edition should do nicely.

With an art style and game world this uniquely terrifying and creative, it'll be a worthy addition to anyone's desk, even if the includion of one of the small figurines for the upcoming board game is a little sales-pitchy.

That said, videogame-themed board games are pretty cool in their own right, so breaking down that barrier to entry isn't a bad thing.

The art book will be as incredible as you'd expect for the game, and the always blackly humourous art will also be pretty cool as a lithographic print.

Also the murder of crows keychain would make a fine addition to any keyring - it's very Maltese Falcon.

Then there's the DLC junk you've come to expect, but with the inclusion of the always sublime BioShock soundtrack as a digital download.

Overall, it's all actually pretty standard fare stuff, and the price isn't too meagre, weighing in at AUD$169.95 or NZD$179.95 for the PS3 and 360 versions.


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