EB Live repeatedly packed out for gaming presentations

Leigh Harris
EB Live repeatedly packed out for gaming presentations

The EB Live portion of the EB EXPO played host to spectacular shows, huge videogame presentations and speeches round the clock in the EB Arena this weekend.

Pyrotechnics and light shows bolstered the already eye-popping g series of trailers, sizzle reels and more, with the EB Arena Spectacular wowing audiences and making sure it was cemented in people's minds that the expo was an event of scale and one to remember.

The one and only Playstation Vita in the Southern Hemisphere was present on stage in the hands of Sony Worldwide producer John McLaughlin as he demonstrated Little Big Planet live and gave Australians their first taste of the impressive augmented reality technology the device will offer.

EA COO Peter Moore's keynote speech was followed by a final public look at Battlefield 3 from DICE duo Lars Gustavsson and Daniel Matros, and Bethesda carried the torch well for RAGE while hyping up the audience of thousands for Skyrim.

The EB Live concept proved very successul as an adjunct to the main show floor, and allowed publishers to show off their upcoming and past games in the best possible light, with a palpable audience and all the bells and whistles necessary to make their games shine.


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