EB Games nabs Injustice exclusive Special Edition

Leigh Harris
EB Games nabs Injustice exclusive Special Edition

The Special Edition for Injustice: Gods Among Us has been revealed and confirmed as an EB Games exclusive for Australia and New Zealand.

It's coming just for Xbox 360 and is purely a pre-order incentive via EB Games, going for the usual price of AUD$79.95.

Aside from the obligatory coming in a steelbook case proposition, the Special Edition will focus on the Red Son comics from DC.

Superman: Red Son was a three part mini-series which asked the question 'What is Superman had been raised in the Soviet Union?'

It's a stylish and interesting addition to the DC Universe, and the Injustice special edition will feature 20 missions set in the Red Son mythos, as well as new costumes for Superman, Wonder Woman and Solomon Grundy to match their Red Son appearances.

Given Netherrealm Studios' attention to detail in the story for Injustice, it looks like this will make a great addition for either hardcore fans of DC comics, or (since it's a meaty standalone expansion) will make a great introduction to a unique alternative to the traditional Superman canon.



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