EB Games is excited for PS4

Leigh Harris
EB Games is excited for PS4

Publishers and retailers alike have hardly been happy with the length of this console generation.

Today's news from Sony has received a warm reception from Stephen Wilson, EB Games Managing Director, who said: "We are extremely excited by today’s PS4 announcement. Sony showed us the first glimpses of the next generation gaming today."

"Over the coming weeks and months, we look forward to seeing more of what the gaming future holds and keeping our customers informed through EB World, ebgames.com and all 380+ stores nationwide."

It's interesting that Wilson refers to this launch as the first glimpse of next generation gaming and what that might imply for the Wii U, but with Nintendo's market being somewhat cornered, as with the Wii, the 'next-genness' of its current console may not prove to be a problem.

"From what we have seen so far," added Wilson, "the future of gaming has never been more promising and we are looking forward to going on this next generation journey with the entire video game community."


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