EB Games allegedly breaking Super Mario 3D Land street date

Leigh Harris
EB Games allegedly breaking Super Mario 3D Land street date

Kotaku is reporting that EB Games stores will start selling Super Mario 3D Land from today, as soon as stock arrives in each store.

The move comes after Gametraders began to sell grey imported copies of Super Mario 3D Land last week, an act which, while legal, is sometimes used as a catalyst by major chains to start selling early.

While EB Games has not made an official announcement to the effect that it will be breaking the date (and has in fact confirmed via Twitter multiple times since Friday that the date remains Thursday 24th November), enquiries to stores confirm that they will sell copies if asked directly for them by a customer.

Mark Langford, managing director of Gametraders, told Kotaku: "The reason that we import some titles is to allow us to compete on price with the big players who get rebates that we cannot get and at times we will sell early where we see cases of our competitors receving an unfair competative advantage such as us not getting the limted edition Skyward Sword from the Australian distrubutor. As a result we will be importing this title."

Gametraders has previous sold The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D early, also through grey importing.


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