EB EXPO: First Impressions

Leigh Harris
EB EXPO: First Impressions

We're well into the start of the evening session of the Friday night here at EBX, and things are incredibly lively.

For those bold enough to be able to get to Olympic Park at 8am, there was a theatrical display of Master Chief emerging from Cryo-Sleep (with smoke and everything). A simple piece of promotion for a grand-looking game? Or perhaps a more poetical comment on the re-emergence of the show itself?

Ok, fine. The former then.

In any case, it's a surprising shift this year as the third parties are really dominating the show floor. The Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo presences are all grand as ever (Sony in particular standing out with their stand while Nintendo has an unmissable location), but the effort which has been put in by Activision, EA and THQ is clearly edging out the platform-holders.

There are peripherals galore, and the EB Arena is every bit as impressive as it was last year, continuing on with the stunts and pyrotechnics.

Of particular note is the open layout of the Exhibition Hall. The EB EXPO last year was easy enough for consumers to traverse, but this year, it's actually a delight to roam. Very few stands are closed off with so many big games being so close to release, and it's really helping the uplifting atmosphere of the whole show.

There'll be plenty more to talk about, not the least of which are the games themselves, over the coming weekend, and MCV will be here to catch all the highlights.

Stay tuned.


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