EB EXPO 2013: Bigger, better, faster

Leigh Harris
EB EXPO 2013: Bigger, better, faster

The delirium of the countless staffers working at EB EXPO has been rewarded by a public holiday to help them regain their sanity.

It was all worth it, though, as the show continued to build on its success from previous years and enhance almost every aspect of the experience.

The most notable changes were such iconic additions as the giant pirate ship ride or the League of Legends pavillion, but throughout, the show was laid out in subtle different ways which kept everything flowing far better than before.

League of Legends having its own pavillion was a perfect choice, given the cult-like status of its fan base and arguably different style of presenting to a typical show floor booth.

The EB Live portion was built up, and had packed crowds for most of its sessions, while the Community Hub (a small box in the corner of the show last year) has now become a major part of the expo hall, with all the more niche elements which were last year relegated to a separate building (home grown gaming, cosplay competitions etc) out in the open and part of the main show.

With the possible exception of the main walkway into the big publishers' area, crowds flowed freely and easily throughout the show, with even the massive pull of the infamous Bajo and Hex signings being amply catered for.

Each publisher seemed to have gone the extra mile on their booths, with Sony and Microsoft both creating two story behemoths to signify their upcoming battle for the new generation, and the hands-on factor for both the PS4 and 360 was a huge deal for Australian fans.

The multiple stages were used to great effect in the expo hall, with lounging areas, the EB Cafe and the rest of it all affording gamers a change of pace from the madness at any point.

The EB Megastore lived up to its name as well, being a huge attraction in previous years and only demanding more space and bigger lines this year.

By and large, the EXPO is continuing to grow into itself, providing a richer experience year-on-year, and seeming to be more deftly able to cater to its typical attendee. It attracts some hardcore gamers, but is just as able to play host for families, and makes sure to keep its attractions fun and its activities varied throughout the show.


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