EA Showcase the largest PR event in their APAC history

Leigh Harris
EA Showcase the largest PR event in their APAC history

On Tuesday, EA gathered retail and media from Australia, New Zealand and Asia at large to show off their early 2013 titles.

Luxe Studios in Sydney was rented out for a series of early-morning presentations from flown-in developers, followed by a huge room decked out with themed hands-on sections for the lineup.

Crysis 3 had the largest number of IDUs, with 4 single player PC setups and 8 multiplayer Xbox ones. Then there was SimCity, sporting an enjoyable (albeit brief) single player hands-on introduction.

Along the room's side was 4 player co-op Fuse (from Resistance and Ratchet & Clank creators Insomniac Games) and four Dead Space 3 setups, with Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel having periodic hands-off co-op demonstrations in the room's centre.

In spite of some technical difficulties which prevented some games from being up and running at all times, the whole event was a worthwhile showcase, managing to educate retail and press as to their whole incoming lineup.

EA is hoping to do it all again next year, and the event has served as proof positive that the company is doing more than just naming Sydney as it's Asia-Pacific hub in name alone.

As per the norm, EA extended the event into the night, transitioning it from a media and retail event into a community one, inviting fans from the APAC EA network to come and get hands on as well, it ended up being a stellar way to show off the company's upcoming titles.


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