EA rolls out FIFA Street and SSX at Insert Coin(s)

Leigh Harris
EA rolls out FIFA Street and SSX at Insert Coin(s)

Last week saw yet another crowded Oxford Art Factory, as EA's SSX and FIFA Street took the Insert Coin(s) (IC) spotlight.

This was the first double bill for IC, the previous iterations of the Sydney-based event involving the likes of The Darkness II and Assassin's Creed: Revelations, and the venue itself playing host to independent events run by Capcom, Sony and others.

Mark Gerber from the IC team told MCV: "On March the 8th Insert Coin(s) Level 4 saw the IC team successfully partnering with EA Games on FIFA and SSX. A very busy night saw punters scramble to get onto the 8 screens provided from the minute the doors opened at 6pm till they closed at 2am, you needed to stand in line the whole night, but no one seemed to mind as they were all eager to try out the new yet to be released FIFA game."

"Elsewhere inside 'IC world' one saw a plethora of IC signature 'oldschool' arcade games all over the main room and stage. The Arcade machines have become synonymous with IC since it first started in 2011 and represent a big slice of the action on the night. Hot Dogs, Pop Corn, Lollies were all eaten with gusto and abandon, Vodka Spiders from the IC Milk Bar were consumed like Fish!"

"Everyone had a ball and all we are sure will be looking forward to the next instalment of Insert Coin(s). When that will be will be announced shortly!"



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