Draft guidelines for Interactive Games Fund released

Leigh Harris
Draft guidelines for Interactive Games Fund released

For anyone interested in the way Screen Australia will be doling out its AUD$20 million games fund, these guidelines are worth a read.

The guidelines are thorough, to say the least, and carry an extreme focus on developing and sustaining creative games businesses in Australia.

Antony Reed, CEO of the Game Developers' Association of Australia, said in an email to the industry: "The new guidelines promote the development of original IP, focus on building solid, sustainable businesses, and understand the need for flexibility in the development environment."

There are two distinct categories of funding which apply to different levels of developer. One, called Games Enterprise, has stiff requirements that the company is an established business with solid experience, and is designed to help keep those businesses producing games effectively. The other, Games Production, is a varying amount of money designed to help fund individual games, which could work for the larger companies as well, but also leaves rooms for indie startups working with very little funding.

Screen Australia's COO Fiona Cameron said: "The pressure facing the industry is job migration and falling foreign investment. These programs released in draft today go a long way towards realising a strong and sustainable Australian games development sector, to ensure we tap into the huge global appetite for interactive entertainment."

Feedback on the draft guidelines is encouraged, and can be done until 1st March 2013 by emailing Screen Australia. You can download the full PDF of the guidelines here and visit the Screen Australia web site for more information.


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