Digital New Zealand 12 report released

Leigh Harris
Digital New Zealand 12 report released

Following on from the release of Digital Australia 12, the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (iGEA) has today released Digital New Zealand 12.

The report, available online in full here, details the current videogame trends from within a random sample of households throughout New Zealand, with detailed information on usage and demographic shifts.

Key findings of the report include:

  • 93% of households own some kind of videogame playing device. That figure increases to 98% for households with at least one person under 18 years old. (Australia had 90% household penetration)
  • Of those 93%, just over 60% own a PC, just over 50% own a console, just under 40% own a mobile device, about 9% own a handheld console and about 8% own a tablet.
  • The average age of a gamer in New Zealand is 33 years old (compared to 32 in Australia).
  • 72% of gamers are over the age of 18.
  • 47% of gamers are women.
  • 1 in 5 gamers play social media games while 1 in 12 play massively multiplayer online games.
  • New Zealand's favourite genre is puzzle, followed by strategy then the FPS.
  • The average gamer has been playing games for 12 years, and plays roughly 1 hour every other day.

A cool digital presentation of the report and its key findings is available online here. Stay tuned to the iGEA web site for more details.


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