Deus Ex sequel announced... for tablets and mobiles

Leigh Harris
Deus Ex sequel announced... for tablets and mobiles

Deus Ex: The Fall has been confirmed by Square Enix as heading for tablets and mobiles rather than PCs and home consoles.

The news came yesterday, and Square confirmed that this was indeed the next game in the series, but was actually a direct sequel to Deus Ex:Icarus Effect - the prequel novel to Human Revolution. The Fall will be set alongside the events familiar to home console gamers.

This doesn't preclude the notion that a next-gen sequel might come later, but it's certainly putting a lot of stock in the potential for handheld devices to deliver a strong enough experience to be worthy of official sequential canon.

Of course, the announcement turned a few heads, and MCV UK spoke to Square shortly thereafter to discuss the reasoning behind the decision, with Square Enix European Marketing Director Job Brooke saying that consumers are given too many "watered down and light versions" of console games, assuring readers that The Fall would be every bit as much an HD Deus Ex experience as Human Revolution.

MCV's James Batchelor delved further into the issue today, shedding a little more light on what players can expect.


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