Destiny Ghost Edition is sold out in Australia

David Wildgoose
Destiny Ghost Edition is sold out in Australia

Activision and EB Games have confirmed Destiny's Ghost Edition is now sold out around the country.

The Ghost Edition is the most expensive way to buy Bungie's upcoming MMO and contained a replica of the game's companion droid.

"Due to very limited numbers being made available worldwide, the Destiny Ghost Edition is sold out in the Australian market," EB's Debra McGrath told us.

"We know there are a lot of disappointed customers who missed out and we genuinely wish we had more to sell."

While Activision wouldn't share pre-order numbers with us a spokesperson did confirm the Ghost Edition had sold out at both EB Games and JB Hi-Fi, the two retailers through which it was made available.

When asked if Destiny might outsell established frnachises such as Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed this year, Activision declined to comment but EB did say it would be in the mix.

"We expect the interest in Destiny to continue to gain momentum however it is too early to tell if it will knock off other established franchises for the number one spot," says McGrath.

"It is exciting to see a new IP have such high demand but ultimately the customer will decide if it deserves to be crowned the 2014 champion. So our prediction is it will be in the mix, but has a big battle to knock off some of the best franchises of all time."



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