Defiant Development releases Ski Safari

Leigh Harris
Defiant Development releases Ski Safari

The creator of Warco has just released Ski Safari for iOS, a 2D downhill racing arcade game from Brendan Watts.

The game sees players rampaging downhill in various vehicles including penguins, yeti and a bad while escaping a rollicking avalanche and performing neat tricks.

Morgan Jaffit, founder of Defiant Development: "The thing about Ski Safari, is that in a lot of ways it's a labour of love.  Brendan is one of the best gameplay programmers out there, and he really locked down on something fun early on.  Then he and Shawn worked from there to inject it with personality and flavour, and get all the tuning just right."

"It's one of those great examples of polish where the game itself has been pretty much in place for months - and from there it's been iterated nicely to a place where it's honed to perfection."

"Generally speaking, if there's something you want to do, or be rewarded for, the game acknowledges it and rewards you for it.  We're really proud of what's been accomplished with Ski Safari - I think people are going to love it as much as we have."

Defiant Development is responsible for the war journalism game / sim Warco. Ski Safari is out now for iOS for AUD$0.99.


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