Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut dated for ANZ

Leigh Harris
Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut dated for ANZ

Rising Star Games has sent word through that its unique horror title will see a Director's Cut land on ANZ shores on 2nd May.

The Director's Cut is a re-working of the 2010 game, with a new scenario, HD re-worked textures, 'improved' controls and DLC.

It's hitting as a Playstation exclusive, so Playstation fans will be given an as-yet-unannounced PSN pre-order incentive, and Sony are offering a free 30 day Playstation Plus trial for those who purchase the game.

It's the first title I've seen described as 'exlcusive to boxed retail copies', which is a sign of the times, and participating retailers will offer the 'Espresso Suit' for those who pre-order.

The original game was award winning by some, passed over by others, but if nothing else was a shining example of creativity, giving players murders to solve in an open-world suspense / horror setting.


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