David Cage talks Beyond and the intersection of film and games

Leigh Harris
David Cage talks Beyond and the intersection of film and games

Sony Australia gathered film and gaming media at Event Cinemas in George St Sydney on Monday to hear from David Cage.

A panel was assembled by Sony featuring Cage, US casting director Suzanna Goddard-Smythe (who was the main casting director on Beyond), Aussie indie filmmaker Nicholas Clifford and Sydney University film lecturer Dr Bruce Isaacs to host an hour long discussion and media Q&A about the intersection between film and videogame.

With so many flim-specific panellists and media attendees, the conversation centred mainly around what makes games different.

Questions which doubtless frustrated many a gamer in the crowd were being discussed in full with Cage, who responded to each with ease and poise, clearly outlining and explaining how the process of delivering narrative in games is a much more complex than having an audience which can 'read' a title in multiple ways, not being able to rely on a single flat experience which is open to interpretation.

It was perhaps an event which, will doing great things for games in terms of their perception in a broader and more established medium like film, was geared more towards educating said medium than it was towards discussing the finer points of how Beyond in particular has woven its gameplay mechanics and narrative together - something which is piquing the curiosity of games media across the globe as they anticipate the game's 9th October release date.

Sony Australia, meanwhile, made sure to capitalise on the classy presentation of the game to its prospective audience by making the full, interesting discussion available via its YouTube Channel. You can also check out the full two hour presentation and discussion below:



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