Darksiders 2 pre-order incentives confirmed

Leigh Harris
Darksiders 2 pre-order incentives confirmed

THQ has announced the pre-order incentives for Darksiders 2, with unique offerings at all three specialists.

EB Games is receiving two additional hours of in-game content, coming in the form of two missions in which players can get into fierce battles and search for ancient treasures in a pack entitled 'Death Rides'.

At JB HiFi, customers can get the 'Angel of Death' pack, which gives players a unique set of angelic armour and exclusive dual-scythes.

GAME is taking a permanent speed increase for the players' horse 'Despair', which lasts the duration of the game in a pack called 'Deadly Despair'.

Darksiders 2 is an action adventure game which carries on from where the first game left off, putting players in the shoes of Death, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, as opposed to War from the original.

Darksiders 2 will be available in June 2012 on PS3 and 360 for AUD$109.95 or NZD$129.95.


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