Dark Souls II collectors editions confirmed

Leigh Harris
Dark Souls II collectors editions confirmed

There are two inbound special editions for Dark Souls II: a Black Armour pre-order edition and a full Collector's Edition.

The Collector's Edition will feature a 30cm Warrior Knight figurine - one of those delightful must-have items for hardcore fans, or which the Souls series has many (people are never only mildly interested in a Dark Souls game). It will also sport a hardbound art-book and fabric map, a metal case.

The Black Armour pre-order version is the metal-cased version of the game, which will come with the Collector's Edition as well.

The game is set to hit on PS3 and 360 on 14th March 2014, with the full Collector's Edition going for AUD$169.95 or NZD$249.95. A sizeable asking price, but a tantalising package for Dark Souls fans.


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