Dan Hindes Kickstarts a Sneaky Bastards magazine

Leigh Harris
Dan Hindes Kickstarts a Sneaky Bastards magazine

A new Aussie entry has just kicked off from the Aussie gaming scene - the first magazine issue of stealth gaming web site Sneaky Bastards.

The magazine will not be reprinted material from the site, but will be a full 60 page mag available through MagCloud and dedicated to one really really big critical analysis of the stealth mechanics of Dishonored.

Dan Hindes (one of the MCV Pacific 30 Under 30 for 2012) is running the Kickstarter and editing the mag, and is asking for a modest GBP$1500 to get its first issue started.

The mag follows shortly after Brendan Keogh was able to demonstrate a demand for long-form games criticism with his book Killing is Harmless, which was a critical analysis of Spec Ops: The Line.

You can contribute to the Sneaky Bastards Kickstarter here, or can order Killing is Harmless from here.


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