Crikey: We need to talk about gambling in games

Leigh Harris
Crikey: We need to talk about gambling in games

Dan Golding, videogame blogger at Crikey, has written an in-depth piece on the accessibility of in-game gambling with real money in FIFA 13.

Seeking clarification as to why a game with real money gambling could be rated G, Golding received multiple responses from the Classification Board and one from EA stating that the service being used (Virgin Gaming) is a third party piece of software, and is not something which is a part of FIFA 13 itself, and therefore does not require age rating.

To Golding's mind, however, the ease of access to the in-game gambling and lack of regulation is a cause for concern, and he concludes the piece by calling on people to start having a serious discussion about gambling and videogames.

The full article can be found on the Crikey blog.


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