Come celebrate with MCV Pacific at E3

Leigh Harris
Come celebrate with MCV Pacific at E3

As this will be the first E3 in which MCV Pacific exists, we're inviting the Australian / New Zealand industry out for pre-drinks!

The usual media and PR informal drinks night on Sunday 3rd June at 6pm (the Sunday prior to E3 festivities kicking off), is being expanded to include any and all E3 attendees from the ANZ games industry.

Guy Blomberg, Ad Sales and Marketing Manager for MCV Pacific, said: "Everyone should come have a drink with us before E3! We'll get a bit of a bar tab going, get the industry talking and perhaps meeting corners of itself that it hadn't before!"

The drinks will be held at The Standard downtown LA, starting from 7pm. For further details or to RSVP, contact Guy Blomberg.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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