Classic Mini NES back in productions, Nintendo Confirms

Joel Van Daal
Classic Mini NES back in productions, Nintendo Confirms

Nintendo of Europe has confirmed the beloved system will return to the Europe and the US in 2018.

The European arm of Nintendo took to Twitter to confirm the system's return following a translated Tweet by Eurogamer from Nintendo Japan. HQ had said, "Nintendo has decided to restart production of the Famicom Mini in 2018. We will announce sales dates at a later time."

Additionally Business Wire confirmed that sales of the Classic Mini NES will resume in North America mid next year.

The Classic Mini: NES sent Australian retail into a tail spin, causing multiple outlet's online stores to crash, with stock exhausted almost instantly.

Nintendo had made the decision in April this year to cease production of the NES Mini.

Its follow up console, the Classic Mini: SNES will launch in Australia and New Zealand on September 30 with a suggested retail price of AU $119.95. The Nintendo USB AC Adapter (SRP AU$19.95) will also launch on the same date, and is suitable for use with the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

MCV Pacific has reached out to Nintendo ANZ to confirm if the NES Mini will return to Australia as a part of the European allotmentq. We will update this story. <



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