Class action lawsuit against GameStop on pre-owned games

Leigh Harris
Class action lawsuit against GameStop on pre-owned games

One unforeseen consequence of publishers instigating online passes to recoup investments from second hand games is hurting retail.

News passed down through Polygon that a class action lawsuit is pending, with several customers claiming that the discount they receive from purchasing a pre-owned copy of the game in-store is made moot by their having to purchase the online pass or other DLC which the 'full' new game is alleged to contain.

A Federal judge has denied GameStop's motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

It's a minute difference, perhaps, evidently weighing in at 5c more expensive, but it is something which retailers across the world will have to take into account when promising better value on used games, and store staff will have to be much better educated as to what, if any, additional payments customers can be expected to endure on a game-by-game basis. No easy feat.


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