Chris Chapman and Leo Campos to skydive for charity

Joel Van Daal
Chris Chapman and Leo Campos to skydive for charity

The two QVS staffers will be throwing themselves out of a plane in a bid to raise money for ‘All for Trace’.

Chapman, Account Manager and Campos, Operations Manager at QV Software, will be a part of a 20 plus person skydive on Saturday, March 25. The jump, titled, Chutes and Giggles has been organised to help raise money for ‘All for Trace’, with the goal of raising $300,000 for the construction of a new Bone Marrow Transplant ward at Sydney's St. Vincent's Hospital.

St. Vincent’s Hospital performed Australia’s first bone marrow transplant 40-years ago, and has been a leader in providing the best treatment for patients with blood cancers like leukemia, lymphoma and MDS ever since. St Vincent’s currently performs over 60 bone marrow transplants a year, but to continue providing excellent care, the ward desperately needs updating.

The new ward will no longer have shared rooms, instead having 16 individual rooms designed with state of the art technology isolating each room and reducing the risk of infection, but most importantly, providing each chemo or bone marrow transplant patient with the privacy and comfort of their OWN room and their OWN bathroom, vital for preserving a patient’s dignity.

Chapman tells us, "Each room will cost $300,000 so that’s our fundraising goal. So far, an incredible $200,00 has been raised through various events"

"Between myself and Leo we have raise over $2,600, with over $20,000 raised by all jumpers collectively, but would appreciate any more donations from across this great industry of ours before we make the jump."

In 2015, Leo and Belinda Campos shaved their heads for the same cause, raising $12,550 out of the teams $114,000. Since then, various other activities have seen the total climb to almost $205,000.

You can donate to Chris Chapman's campaign here, and for more information you can check the All For Trace Facebook page


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