Canberra 2K Games studio renamed, working on Bioshock Infinite

Leigh Harris
Canberra 2K Games studio renamed, working on Bioshock Infinite

The 2K Games Canberra studio is now officially working on Bioshock Infinite, and has been given back it's old moniker of 2K Australia.

A 2K Australia employee told MCV the news, which comes after a history of the studio having been renamed quite frequently.

Originally, the studio was under the Irrational Games name, working under the main Irrational office in Boston. Immediately prior to the release of Bioshock, however, 2K Games renamed the studios 2K Boston and 2K Australia.

In 2007, a new studio in Novato, California was set up with a handful of Irrational Games employees and dubbed 2K Marin. 2K Australia and 2K Marin worked together on Bioshock 2. After this, 2K Australia received yet another renaming to be part of 2K Marin, when it was announced that the two studios were working on the X-Com reboot in 2010.

Now, it appears that the name change and game change are going hand-in-hand yet again, with 2K Australia working alongside the (again renamed) Irrational Games in Boston on the highly anticipated Bioshock Infinite.

Bioshock Infinite looks set to significantly up the ante in videogame storytelling and art design, as it takes the dank underworld of Bioshock to the skies with the gorgeous floating city of Colombia circa 1912.

Bioshock Infinite is due to be released for 360, PS3 and PC in 2012.


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