Bubble Gum to license Space Heroes Universe engine

Leigh Harris
Bubble Gum to license Space Heroes Universe engine

After seeing success with its virtual universe for kids, Bubble Gum Interactive has decided to start licensing out its tech.

"We’ve had numerous conversations with brands who have followed our success with Space Heroes Universe, asking if we can share our expertise and license the platform," said Phil Mason, CEO of BGI.

"The number of enquiries has gotten to the point that we thought we’d make it official and open the opportunities up to a select number of brands. We’re hoping to have a dedicated licensing and support program up and running by April.”

The engine is touted by BGI as allowing seamless integration of mini-games in a highly customisable virtual world (including instant translation for voice chat), but perhaps the best way to see what the engine can do would be to take a look at Space Heroes Universe, which is free to play.


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