Brawsome enjoys healthy sales of Jolly Rover

Leigh Harris
Brawsome enjoys healthy sales of Jolly Rover

Melbourne-based indie-developer Brawsome has reported strong sales from Jolly Rover's inclusion in the St Patrick's Day Indie Royale Bundle.

The bundle ended its sale last week, clocking in sales of 33'272 units, Brawsome's take of which ended up being just over AUD$27k.

The developer went on to note that the difference between parity and the Aussie dollar's 2008 exchange rate (0.8) makes the difference between $30k take and $37.5k, highlighting the difference the exchange rate can make on smaller indies.

Jolly Rover is an old-school adventure game for PC (and Steam) and Mac. Brawsome are also releasing their next game, MacGuffin's Curse, on 19th April.


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