Black Beta Select Awards sell out in only 20 minutes

Leigh Harris
Black Beta Select Awards sell out in only 20 minutes

IGN is boasting some impressive stats for its inaugural Black Beta Select Awards, with tickets going on sale and selling out this morning.

There have been over 88'000 votes cast for the awards so far.

Cam Shea, Senior Editor at IGN, described the plan for the event thusly: "The usual Black Beta recipe goes something like this: take several hundred passionate gamers and a must-play triple A title. Mix them together in a cool club environment and garnish with nibbles, drinks, music and conversation. Simmer for three hours."

"With the BBSAs, however, we’re going to be doubling the portion size by inviting all our industry partners, and basting the hell out of the event with 16 of the best games from 2012 and a liberal sprinkling of pre-release 2013 code. It’s going to be delicious."

The awards event will take place on 1st February at the National Maritime Museum.


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