Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition confirmed

Leigh Harris
Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition confirmed

Sony has confirmed that Beyond: Two Souls will receive a Special Edition, available for pre-order only and from selected retailers.

The game is one of the most heavily film-inspired of almost all modern gaming, and the Special Edition seems to be borrowing from DVD and Blu Ray extras for its influence.

There's a deleted scene (which translates into roughly 30 minutes of gameplay), behind-the-scenes videos (which, given the extent to which the game was produced like a CGI film in a lot of ways, ought to feature stars Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe quite heavily and be genuinely interesting to watch), and the game's soundtrack, plus the requisite avatars and wallpapers.

That aside, i'llt come in a slick, black Steelbook case when it launches in October this year.


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