Battlefield 4 gets MA15+ rating in Australia

Leigh Harris
Battlefield 4 gets MA15+ rating in Australia

Bionic Fighter Faction, which was rated MA15+ this morning, was in fact a dummy title, and is actually Battlefield 4.

Publishers will often submit a game under a false title (in this case matching the initials between the fake name and the real name) and apply to the Australian Classification Board later for a title change, which is quick and easy.

This can be done if a publisher wants to keep the title being submitted under wraps, either because it isn't yet announced, or because the publisher wants it not to be known in case it has issues getting through, or simply because it's a high profile title.

Regardless, EA has confirmed to MCV that the game is actually Battlefield 4, so it looks like it's smooth sailing for the company's biggest shooter of the year... not that there was every a question that it might not have been.


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