Batman: Arkham Origins screenshots emerge

Leigh Harris
Batman: Arkham Origins screenshots emerge

Warner has been onto a very good thing with the Batman: Arkham series, building from strength to strength in a few short years.

Batman: Arkham Asylum sat comfortably somewhere in between a cult hit and a big success, and left the fans of the series in a state where they were clamouring for more, as evidenced by the impressive sales of Arkham City.

Arkham Origins is going to be the first game in the series not to be handled by Rocksteady, which rose to fame from its work on the first two titles. Instead, Origins will be created by the recently established Warner Bros Montreal studio.

It may mean the title has work to do to prove itself to waiting fans, but the first few glamour shots of the game certainly demonstrate that it looks the part.

Check out the first few screenshots below:


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