AVG: 90% of game hacks are infected with malware

Leigh Harris
AVG: 90% of game hacks are infected with malware

Anti-virus company AVG has today released what it considers some conservative stats on malware contained within game hacks.

Based on an aggregate user base of 330 million amongst the top-tier MMOs, the report hypothesises that the time, effort, skill and money (anywhere from USD$5 to USD$50 for variously-sized upgrades in games) required to succeed, MMO players are easy targets due to their likelihood to download hacks to circumvent that process.

The types of malware AVG is suggesting infect such hacks (at a rate of 90%) include software which will seek out usernames and passwords.

Of course, outside of recommending AVG software to prevent such attacks, the number one recommendation made is that such hacks aren't employed in the first place.


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