Average NZ gamer the same age as average Australian gamer

David Wildgoose
Average NZ gamer the same age as average Australian gamer

Digital New Zealand 14 today reports that the average age of New Zealand gamers is 33.

That's precisely the same average age of Australian gamers, as reported last week with the release of the Digital Australia 14 research.

The Digital New Zealand 14 and Digital Australia 14 research was conducted by the IGEA and Bond University, examining who, when, how and why we are playing games.

The average age isn't the only statistic Australia and New Zealand have in common. Today's Digital NZ 14 report shows that, as in Australia, people aged in their 40s and 50s make up the largest group of new gamers.

NZ parents are almost as likely to play games as their Australian counterparts, with 75% of NZ mums and 79% of NZ dads playing games compared to 81% and 83% in Australia, respectively.

In terms of devices, tablet usage doubled in NZ since the previous research, as it also did in Australia. PCs remain the most popular gaming device, with 60% of households reporting owning a PC for playing games, followed by 53% owning a console and 44% a smartphone.

For more on the Digital New Zealand 14 research visit the IGEA.



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