Automated classification system on the way

Leigh Harris
Automated classification system on the way

As reported by Kotaku, Jason Clare, the Minister for Home Affairs, looks to be implementing a few changes around here.

The Australian Law Reform Commission had several recommendations regarding the classification system, one of which was an automated (read: industry run) classification system for titles which didn't warrant an MA15+ or R18+ rating.

New Zealand currently employs a similar system whereby its Office of Film and Literature Classification only makes decisions on titles which are rated MA15+ or above in Australia, freeing up its resources and being able to focus more intently on each decision it makes.

The statement from Mr Clare says that the system would first be trialled with computer and mobile games, doubtless in part because of the current lack of age ratings for the thousands upon thousands of downloadable iOS and Android games which couldn't feasibly all be classified, while at the same time ridding the country of the ridiculous notion that a failure to do so is an actual breach of law.


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