Australians spent over $2bn on games in 2013; Digital catching physical sales

David Wildgoose
Australians spent over $2bn on games in 2013; Digital catching physical sales

Huge growth in digital sales in 2013 sees the Australian video and computer games industry valued at over $2 billion.

According to NPD, traditional bricks and mortar retail recorded $1.14 billion in sales in 2013 while technology analyst Telsyte estimates the value of Australia's digital video game market, including mobile, downloads and subscriptions, at $899 million, an increase of 50 per cent on 2012.

"Traditional sales have remained steady across the industry," says IGEA CEO Ron Curry.

"Despite concerns about retail, software sales recorded over $654 million for 2013. The data from NPD Group is encouraging and shows tha bricks and mortar retailers have maintained their fundamental role in providing hardware, software, digital content and merchandise to consumers.

"According to the Telsyte data, more consumers are now in fact purchasing their content digitally and overall we can see that the interactive games and entertainment industry is really thriving."

Hardware sales were up by 13% year-on-year, thanks to the launch of new consoles in November. In fact, during the six weeks in whichy the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were on sale during 2013, the hardware category saw 27% growth for the year.

Mobile games accounted for almost 50 per cent of the digital market, says Telsyte senior research manager Sam Yip.

"Consumers spent more than $452 million on mobile games in 2013, with 70 per cent of that on in-game micro-transactions. At this rate, mobile game revenue could exceed that for physical games within a couple of years."


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