'Australia's cheapest game store' opens

Leigh Harris
'Australia's cheapest game store' opens

Skill Point Games has announced that it's opening its virtual doors today, promising games and service for Australia at low prices.

The e-store is founded by LevelUp Times editor Adrian Vergara, who aims to be transparent about the company's business dealings to consumers.

"We keep our margins low, because we’re not all about our bottom line," said Vergara. “The difference between us and other ‘cheap gaming stores’ [is that they] often deal in imported stock, which can be problematic if there are any defective items or if anything goes wrong with an order."

"Some sites also masquerade as Australian game stores, but the truth is they are based overseas, which means delivery times can be long and frustrating. By keeping the business in Australia, we can ensure a speedy service, quick delivery on items - including release-day delivery for pre-orders, support Australian businesses, and have some very happy customers."


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