Aussie site comes out with a PC indie games bundle

Leigh Harris
Aussie site comes out with a PC indie games bundle

Australian gaming site Capsule Computers has taken the move to distribute its own indie bundle back.

But it's taking a novel approach. People are allowed to pay what they feel the bundle is worth (with a minimum of $1.99), with 5% of the profits going to the Australian Red Cross and $15 per 100 copies sold going to a selected indie developer as a grant.

What's more, the bundle gives more games to those who give more than the average price, and the live Bundle in a Box web site tracks the sales, top donators and average price in real-time.

The whole bundle contains 11 indie games, and is only available for a fortnight. All the games are for Windows, Mac and Linux and are DRM free. As certain numbers of the bundle are sold, more bonus items will be added to the bundle including artworks, soundtracks and more.

The top three spenders on the bundle will receive a USD$110 prize pack courtesy of Razer, which has donated three League of Legends Razer Naga Hex Mouses and mouse pads.

It's a great initiative and certainly removes all the barriers one might face in wanting to check out some indie offerings. The Bundle in a Box web site is here.



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