Aussie OPM not going anywhere

Leigh Harris
Aussie OPM not going anywhere

With the recent sad news that OPM in the US is folding, its worth noting that no such horrific fate will befall the Aussie mag.

The Australian version of Official Playstation Magazine is the only version to be published by a different publisher than in the rest of the world (it's Citrus here), and as such it runs its own show completely.

From the Facebook page:

We've had a few people - on and off Facebook – comment that the Official PlayStation mag (or PlayStation: The Official Magazine as they're properly known) in the US is closing down, and wondering if that has any effect on us. 

The answer is 'none whatsoever'. 

We are totally independent from every other magazine or website that exists. We write an Australian mag for our Australian (and New Zealand) audience, and unlike other PlayStation magazines we have no syndicated content.


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